New Nikon D600 test video shows dust/oil problem may be temporary


posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 5:27 PM EST


Remember Kyle Clements, the Toronto-based photographer we told you about last week, who's been testing the Nikon D600 specifically for its alleged sensor-dust problem? Well, Clements was back with another test video yesterday (posted below) that suggests the persistent dust problem on the digital SLR's full-frame sensor might actually be oil and it might dissipate the more you shoot with the camera.

You just have to shoot with the Nikon D600 -- a lot.

"After 3000 shots, the problem more-or-less goes away," Clements wrote in a note accompanying the YouTube video. He then added in the comments below the clip: "I guess now we have to break in a camera, just like breaking in a new car."

(You can see Part 1 of the test here and Part 2 here.)

So, mystery solved?

Somehow we doubt it, but kudos to Clements for sticking to his testing and sharing his results with the photography community.

Nikon's only official comment on the issue so far was made to Imaging Resource last week, where the company said, in part, that D600 customers were "encouraged to consult their local Nikon service center" if they have a problem.