LensRentals reconfirms that Nikon D600 dust/oil issues are temporary


posted Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 2:21 PM EST

It's been a little over a month since Roger Cicala, founder of LensRentals.com, first reported a possible issue with what appears to be dust accumulating on the sensor of the Nikon D600 digital SLR. More recently, Toronto-based artist and photographer Kyle Clements first shared a time-lapse video demonstrating the problem on his own D600 body, and subsequently reported that the issue's severity seemed to lessen over time. (Clements now thinks the problem might be oil on the sensor rather than dust.)

Giving credit where it's due, Clement's results are similar to what Cicala  predicted about the D600 back in early October. Now, Cicala 's revisited the story with a followup blog post comparing the early results with those from Nikon D600 bodies that have been used for six weeks, and the accumulation of dust (or oil) spots is both less significant and more evenly distributed across the frame.

As usual, LensRentals' access to a large number of cameras helps make these results quite meaningful. A total of twenty D600 bodies were considered, and where all of them needed sensor cleaning last time round, almost half were without issue this time. While they're not necessarily the exact same bodies checked in October, they're of approximately the same age, so the comparison should be valid.

More details at LensRentals.com...

LensRentals has rechecked its stock of Nikon D600 bodies, and confirmed that the issues with dust accumulation improve over time.