Act quickly: The Sony RX1 arrives, but with limited availability


posted Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 6:23 PM EDT

It's finally here! The camera we've all been waiting for has arrived in the US market, and you can pick yours up today! The Sony RX1 is one of the year's most talked-about designs, with an enormous 35mm full-frame sensor and a reasonably fast 35mm prime lens in a compact body.

When it was announced last September, senior editor Shawn Barnett promptly dubbed Sony's latest creation "Rex, the King of Small Cameras." A month later, IR publisher and editor-in-chief Dave Etchells spent some time with the RX1 and described it as "an absolute joy to shoot with," suggesting that it might be his "new favorite camera." On its arrival in IR headquarters last month, the lab staff and editorial team nearly came to blows over who got first dibs.

Image shot with the Sony RX1 by IR publisher Dave Etchells. See more in our RX1 gallery!

We're still a long way from rendering our final verdict on the Sony RX1, but of one point we have no question: this is a serious photographic tool, even if it's an almost pocket-sized one. Some of you, we're sure, will still await our final verdict before deciding whether it belongs in your camera bag. (And we love you for that!) But we have a feeling that more than a few of you have already made that decision, impressed by the enthusiastic reactions in early previews and the image quality shown in our Sony RX1 gallery and samples.

If this is a camera you simply must have, you'd better not waste any time -- order the Sony RX1 now from our affiliate partner Adorama, while it's still in stock.

The Sony RX1 has also been through our lab, with impressive results.