Make this HD-DSLR shoulder rig from PVC pipe yourself for less than $10 (VIDEO)


posted Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 11:48 AM EST


Digital SLRs that also shoot high definition video are no longer a novelty anymore; they're everywhere. But how do you make your high-def footage look sharp when you're holding a camera that's ultimately designed for still photography?

Unless you have very steady hands, you'll need to get some kind of camera rig or steadicam device to keep your HD clips looking rock solid. (CMOS sensors in HD-DSLRs are notorious for producing a wobbly, Jell-O like video effect, known as rolling shutter, when you pan too quickly.) The problem is, even lower-end shoulder rigs will cost you several hundred dollars, at the very least.

If you're on a low budget and don't mind making stuff yourself, the folks at The Slanted Lens have posted a great video (below) showing you how to make a camera rig out of PVC pipe for less than US$10.

Parts, which all came from Home Depot, include a two-foot piece of standard, one-inch PVC pipe; three conduit, 90-degree PVC corner pieces; a standard PVC Tee connector; and a few wing nuts, hex nuts, and screws. 

While it may not be as versatile or comfortable as a professional-grade DSLR camera rig, the finished result doesn't look bad at all.

(Via DIY Photography)