Clever new suction cup mount steadies camera phones and tablets for better low light shooting


posted Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 12:42 PM EST

Camera phones are great for capturing spontaneous images and video clips in good light when you haven't got a dedicated camera handy, but with their tiny sensors and often rather basic lenses, they can struggle in low light even for relatively static subjects. The situation isn't helped by the fact that they lack tripod mounts, forcing you to rely on hand-holding or trying to brace them against another object. There are occasionally mounting points for proprietary brackets, but these aren't typically intended for use as a photographic platform. An interesting new Kickstarter project aims to solve those issues.

The MobileMount+ Camera / Car Mount takes advantage of the fact that devices like iPhones and iPads typically incorporate large areas of smooth, flat glass or plastic in their designs. Created by JR Sanchez of new startup J & M Company, the MobileMount + attaches to phones and tablets with a suction cup, providing a solid grip on the device so long as its surface is flat and free from texture. The folding mount's base likewise attaches to smooth surfaces like windshields and windows with another suction cup.

The MobileMount + can be dismantled, revealing a standard threaded tripod mount.

The design follows on from one that already successfully reached the market on Kickstarter earlier this year. The original MobileMount had a similar design, but with one important difference. Recognizing that a convenient suction cup-friendly surface isn't always nearby, Sanchez has made it possible to decouple the two halves of the MobileMount +, and doing so provides access to a standard tripod mount on the portion of the mount that remains attached to your phone or tablet. Like its predecessor, MobileMount + can also be used as a kickstand for smaller devices, and even for tablets if a smooth tabletop is available.

A convenient smooth surface can become an instant tripod for your camera phone.

J & M Company currently has a funding goal of US$25,000 on Kickstarter, of which it has already collected around 20%. Pledges of US$30 or more will receive first-edition MobileMount + devices when they become available, and pledges of $300 or more will be able to test prototype devices before they become widely available. Estimated delivery of the MobileMount + is July 2013. More details on the Kickstarter project page.

The MobileMount + also functions as a kickstand.