Protect your DSLR from the elements this winter with a crocheted camera cozy


posted Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 2:39 PM EST


Love it or hate it (we actually love it), this handmade camera cozy for the Canon EOS 7D DSLR is certainly eye-catching. Created by Shireen Nadir, and shared on her blog, The Blue Brick, the camera cozy is knitted from TFA Grape -- as in purple -- yarn.

Nadir says she knitted the cozy (or "cosy" for you Anglophiles out there) not to just to show off her crafting skills but to protect her beloved 7D "from the elements."

"[It also] allows me to tuck in a few hand-warmers around the battery casing which extends the life of lithium batteries in the cold," she writes. "Really – it works."


Nadir says she plans to use the cozy-clad-camera when she goes on snowshoeing photography trips.

The one part of the design we're not crazy about is the green frog-like creature dangling from the cozy's front shoulder. Nadir calls this "the grody little boogly face," and says it was given to her by a friend.


Other than that, this little cozy looks positively…ahem…cozy, even if it's not exactly our style.

Read more about it and see more photos here.

(Via Reddit)