Incredible, interactive gigapixel photo of Mount Everest makes you feel like you’re really there


posted Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 4:07 PM EST


Only a few brave (lucky?) souls get to visit Mount Everest every year, and for those who do go it can be an arduous and expensive trip. Thankfully there are people through whom you can live vicariously, like cinematographer and photographer David Breashears, who made the acclaimed IMAX documentary "Everest."

Breashears recently released an incredible gigapixel photo of Everest and the massive Khumbu glacier at GlacierWorks, which he captured in the spring of 2012.

The two billion pixel image, which you can view and interact with by panning and zooming here, is comprised of nearly 400 separate shots taken with a 300mm lens. The panoramic photo was captured from the Pumori viewpoint near Mount Everest, and as well as examining the dramatic Khumbu Icefall in the center of the frame, you can zoom in and see people roaming around the Everest Base Camp below.

Spend a few minutes checking this huge shot out, and you'll almost feel like you've been to Everest yourself -- minus the frostbite.

(Via NPR, via Gizmodo)