Fearless Russian photographers scale towering structures to capture mind-blowing photos from on high


posted Thursday, December 20, 2012 at 10:23 PM EDT


Ok, here's something we'd never do: climb to the top of a giant crane or a towering building without safety gear and take spectacular photos while dangling from on high. (Sounds good in theory but…)

For self-described "skywalkers" Vitaly Raskalov and Alexander Remnov, however, it's more than just a theory, it's a terrifying reality and they have the spectacular pictures to prove it. Check out a few of the images on this page and more here and here.

The Russian pair have climbed to the top of the Russian Academy of Sciences, shooting photos from a precarious plank; and scaled a turret on top of the Kiev railway station to capture mind-blowing panoramas.

Here's how Raskalov described the experience, after climbing a seemingly, impenetrable tower at the Moscow State University to shoot one of his incredible images: "For three years, I thought that it is impossible to get here, but as they say -- everything is possible, the main thing is to want it bad enough."

You can see many more of these heart-stopping shots at Bored Panda.