“We Never Look Up” blog features beautiful black-and-white images of the tech obsessed


posted Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 5:29 PM EDT


Have you ever been so engrossed with the blips of information scrolling across your smartphone you've accidentally walked into a tree or a signpost? Have you ever accidentally walked into another person?

If you have serious texting "issues" like these, you might want to check out a tumblr blog called "We Never Look Up," which, until recently, was featuring lonely but beautiful black-and-white images of tech obsessed people tapping away at their smartphones, tablets, and laptop screens. (After the site attracted quite a bit of viral attention this week, those photos have moved to the blog's archive and an image of a galaxy now graces the home page.)

Exactly who's running the blog is a bit of a mystery. According to Mashable, the blog is "the brainchild of an anonymous mobile researcher from Finland."

"My inspiration was mainly commuting to work," the photographer told Mashable. "Seeing people sitting in buses with their heads down, walking from point A to B without looking straight, waiting on trains and trams, silent, heads bowed down. And seeing people sitting in cafes and restaurants across from each other, using their phones, not uttering a word. You know, basic behavior nowadays."

Check out a few of the images below and see if any of them remind you of yourself. If so, put down the phone and seek help.

(Via Mashable and Wall to Watch)