Annie Leibovitz’s Hurricane Sandy-themed fashion shoot for Vogue sparks controversy


posted Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 7:03 PM EDT


Celebrity fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz is no stranger to controversy but she may have outdone herself with her new Hurricane Sandy-themed fashion shoot for Vogue magazine. The six page shoot -- which you can see in slideshow form here -- includes an image of models in haute couture walking through the wet streets of Far Rockaway with members of the New York Fire Department.

Other images are, perhaps, a bit less provocative, including one showing models staring into the camera vacantly as members of the National Guard load supplies into a jeep; and another where they're posing with doctors at Bellevue Hospital.

We've included one small version of Leibovitz's Hurricane Sandy fashion images here for news purposes but check out the whole slideshow and tell us what you think. Oddly engaging? In poor taste? Or just plain offensive?

(Via Gawker and Kottke)