White House unveils new official presidential portrait of Barack Obama photographed by Pete Souza


posted Friday, January 18, 2013 at 11:39 AM EST

The White House has released a new presidential portrait for Barack Obama and it has once again been shot by his official photographer, Pete Souza. Compared to Souza's much more dour first official portrait of Obama back in 2009, this new one shows the president smiling.


You can download the original image here. If you dig a little deeper into the metadata of this photo, you'll see it was shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark III and an an 85mm F1.2L lens at ISO 200. Aperture was f/7.1 and shutter speed was set at 1/125th of a second.

If White House photography is your thing, here's the White House's photostream on Flickr where you can peruse other more candid images from Souza and other photographers, including a recent shot of First Lady Michelle Obama showing off her new bangs, and an image by Souza of the president crashing through the waves in Hawaii on New Year's Day.

In case you've forgotten, Souza made history in 2009, when he used his Canon 5D Mark II to take the first official presidential portrait ever captured by a digital camera. Check out that photo below, which features a younger and much more serious-looking Barack Obama.


(Via PopPhoto.com and Mashable)