The Camera Bag: This lens-shaped humidifier moisturizes during the dry, winter months


posted Monday, January 28, 2013 at 6:15 PM EDT


We don't know about you but the radiator in our office keeps it crazy dry during the long winter months. Not only is it unpleasant -- cracked skin, anyone? -- the dry air can cause the nozzles in an inkjet photo printer to clog up.

Here's a fun solution with a photography theme: the USB Camera Lens Humidifier (also known as the Caniam Camera Lens Humidifier).

Like many of those similar-looking lens coffee mugs out there, the USB Camera Lens Humidifier resembles a Canon lens.

But instead of filling it with a hot beverage, fill it with cool water and plug it into your computer via USB and it will generate moisture via ultrasonic waves. We haven't gotten a chance to try one ourselves but it reportedly runs silently and should help remedy those irritating dry eyes you can get in the winter.

One recommendation though: while it's powered by USB, make sure not to tip it over next to your computer or you might cause a short circuit.

Get it here for $25.

(Via Red Ferret)