Photographer transforms ordinary garden shed into snazzy backyard darkroom


posted Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 10:27 AM EDT


This photo essay is a few years old but it's a great how-to for anyone who has dreamed about having their own little darkroom right in their backyard.

Photographer Dave Miller didn't have a spare room in his house to convert into a darkroom so he decided to do "a garden makeover incorporating a shed."

At first, his wife wasn't crazy about the idea, especially when he decided to replace the grass with "some brown stuff."  She eventually came around when he added fancy brick and stone work to the ground, making it nice and tidy.

Miller plunked down the new 12 x 10-foot shed on top of the paving and commenced to upgrading it into a full darkroom, complete with electrical sockets, an enlarger, and a fibre glass sink with multiple taps.

The renovated darkroom shed consists of two insulated rooms with air conditioning and a large extractor fan to provide ventilation.

"For reasons which I won’t expand on here I do my developing in closed containers which reduces the problem slightly, however I still find that I need to draw breath occasionally," he writes.

Read more about the darkroom shed and see more photos here.

(Via Reddit)