Google’s new Project Glass video shows how it feels to capture video and photos with glasses


posted Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT


Google has released quite a few videos showcasing its much hyped Project Glass wearable multi-media glasses gadget. But a new clip, posted on YouTube today and embedded below, is the first we've seen that really demonstrates how Google's glasses might work for capturing video and photos, hands free.

And, as expected since the video was made by Google, Glass looks remarkably easy and fun.

In the clip, titled "How It Feels [through Glass]," we see the point-of-view perspective of a Glass user who starts recording a video on the trapeze just by saying: "Ok Glass, record a video." Then an ice sculpter instructs Glass to "Google photos of tiger heads," which causes six to pop up in the frame as models for the artist.

Later, a woman covers a child in a giant soap bubble and says: "Ok Glass, take a picture" and it snaps it just before the bubble bursts. There are also skydivers recording live video streams with Glass; a point-of-view video captured on a roller coaster just as it crests a big hill; and a guy in a hot air balloon sending an aerial photo to his girlfriend.

Sold yet? If you are, Google is now seeking "creative individuals," to try out Glass before it becomes available to the general public. The catch? There's an application process and you have to cough up $1,500 (plus tax) to "pre-order a Glass Explorer edition." Hmmm….