PocketWizard unveils new entry-level PlusX transceiver for wirelessly triggering strobes


posted Friday, March 1, 2013 at 1:43 PM EDT


PocketWizard has taken aim squarely at photographers just getting into the world of off-camera lighting the announcement of its new entry-level PlusX transceiver. Available for just $99, each transceiver can serve as either a transmitter or receiver for wirelessly triggering strobe lighting across up to 1600 feet of distance. The good part for newbie strobists just getting into off-camera lighting is that these new PocketWizards are simple enough to set up that they border on plug and play.

The PlusX can be mounted on your camera’s hotshoe, or attached to a strobe using one of the included miniphone-to-miniphone, miniphone-to-PC, or miniphone-to-phono cables. From there, just set each transceiver to the same of the ten available channels, and the devices themselves will automatically decide which is transmitting or receiving (though you can lock this, if need be). The PlusX also features an internal antenna to keep the entire device bundled into one small, 4-ounce package.

A big draw of the PlusX is its compatibility with the rest of PocketWizard’s lineup, as well as PocketWizard-enabled accessories from the likes of Profoto, Dynalite, Norman, Photogenic and Sekonic. That way, if you’re just starting to get into off-camera lighting, you can pick up the PlusX, and then later upgrade to more powerful and customizable rigs, but still have the old units work. Or, if you already shoot with PocketWizard gear, you can use the PlusX as an affordable way to bring a couple of extra lights into your rig.

The $99 price point is significantly cheaper than any other PocketWizard transceiver currently available, and should bring a few more shooters on board with a company that’s widely regarded as one of the best when it comes to optical slaves.