Iranian photographer’s minimalist black-and-white images are starkly poetic


posted Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 7:45 PM EST


Looking at the starkly poetic black-and-white images of Iranian photographer Hossein Zare is like entering another world. It's a minimalist world composed of simple black lines intersecting with quadrants of negative white space.

And it's a loosely populated world, sometimes occupied by a lone person walking stoically along. Or maybe there's a small flock of birds, or a lone tree, or some footprints. Maybe there's a road. It's a road you'll want to take or, perhaps, just gaze at so you can sense the exquisite loneliness Zare conjures in his powerful images.

It reminds us a lot of the black-and-white work of another artist we featured recently, Noell S. Oszvald, who is sort of a photographic soulmate of Zare's. See Oszvald's work here. See the rest of Zare's work below as well as at his 500px page and his Facebook page.

(All images used with permission of the photographer.)

(Via Bored Panda)

Alone passenger (photo by Hossein Zare)
Walk in the fog (photo by Hossein Zare)
Passenger (photo by Hossein Zare)
To ... (photo by Hossein Zare)
In vain (photo by Hossein Zare)
Exodus (photo by Hossein Zare)
... (photo by Hossein Zare)