Sweet little film on capturing a 34-year-old actress with 34-year-expired Polaroids in a large format camera


posted Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 5:58 PM EDT


Here's an odd but endearing video on what happens when you photograph a 34-year-old actress with Polaroid instant film that expired 34 years ago using a vintage large format camera.

The movie -- titled "October 1978," (which is the expiration date of the Polaroid film and when the actress was born) -- was created by Belgium-based photographer Edouard  Janssens after he purchased a mahogany Deardorff large-format camera and an old Goerz Dagor lens off eBay at the end of last year.

While Polaroid large-format instant film is no longer produced, Janssens was given an old box as a gift. The large, unopened box was branded Polaroid PolaColor 2 Type 808 and included 10, instant color films bearing the October 1978 expiration date.

"During all these years, this box had not even been kept in a refrigerator, like it should normally be. It had been left on a shelf, " he wrote on his website. "I left the seller's place and, after a few kilometres driving, gently looking at this 34 year old box on the seat next to me, with the famous rainbow colours on it, it just hit me. Why not try to produce an image out of this way outdated box and base my next photography project on it?"

After searching the web for a subject who was born in October 1978, Janssens found French-Russian actress Liina Brunelle who agreed to participate in the project. The photo session took place in February of this year in his studio in Brussels, where he shot the video.

Check it out below and see the finished images here.

(Via ISO 1200)