A different take on shooting video with the Leica M Typ 240 digital rangefinder


posted Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 12:33 PM EDT


Earlier this month, we posted a video sample from a Leica M Typ 240 with a Noctilux lens that we thought looked rather handsome. It provoked an intense debate in the comments, with many arguing that the video quality wasn't up to snuff. Well, they're not the only ones who are less than impressed with video quality on the first Leica to offer video. Johnnie Behiri put together a review of the Leica M Typ 240 for video, and he's incredibly unimpressed with what Leica is offering.

Behiri takes Leica to task for "very disappointing" image quality, problematic controls, and an unintuitive interface. It's a blistering critique, including such major shortfalls as compression artifacts, fixed 25p frame rate, inaccurate framing, and focus checking limited to just the very center of the lens. As Behiri says:

"Spending a day with the camera left me wondering, was Leica ever talking to any professional cameraman before implementing HD recording for this unit or just decided to 'join a trend' without really meaning this camera to be a capable working video tool?"

You can see a video sample that Behiri shot below. The documentary style he uses is very different from the video we liked earlier this month, but Behiri's background in videography is substantial, and we're inclined to listen to what he has to say. It seems shooting video on a Leica may not be all its cracked up to be.

(Via Mirrorless Rumors)