See Paris then and now in side-by-side photo comparisons with circa 1914 color shots


posted Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 12:32 PM EDT


We've covered the treasure trove of old color images of Paris (and other countries) from the early 20th-century that have been turning up on websites lately and now here's a clever, modern twist on those classic photos.

French news site Rue89 assigned photographer Audrey Cerdan to capture some of the same locations in those circa 1914 photos today to see how much has changed. Then the site set up a great, interactive slider tool, letting you compare the old scenes to the current shots. The photographer did a nice job of matching the framing and the focal length of the original shots for the comparison.

It's amazing to see how little has changed in some of these Paris photos, with bakeries (boulangeries), pharmacies, and tobacco shops (tabacs) in the exact same spots. In other scenes, however, the effects of modernization have taken their toll on good, old Paris.

See the interactive, then-and-now photo slider here.

(Via Kottke)