The Camera Bag: Outex’s reasonably priced, waterproof DSLR covers


posted Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 5:31 PM EDT


We've told you about inexpensive waterproof covers for your DSLR before, such as this incredibly cheap dry bag we saw selling on eBay for just $8.33. Outex's waterproof DSLR covers aren't nearly as "bargain basement" as that low-cost solution, but they seem much more reliable.

Outex takes a modular approach to its its rubberized, camera wetsuits by selling bits and pieces of weatherproofing gear to fit a range of cameras and lenses including models from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Sigma and Tamron. Just pick out the appropriate covers for your specific gear via a drop down menu system on the Outex website, and you'll be set-up with the appropriate, hermetically-sealed weatherproofing for your camera and lens. (A basic Outtex setup ranges in price from $100 to $200.)


While the soft, malleable cover system from Outex isn't suitable for deep sea shoots like more serious -- and pricey -- underwater housings are, it will protect against mud and snow, as well as water depths of up to 33 feet below the surface. The other downside is that while you'll have access to most of your controls with an Outex cover, you won't be able to see your LCD screen.

That's a relatively small price to pay for a lightweight, waterproof cover system. You can get more info on Outex waterproof camera covers here.

(Via Uncrate and Gear Patrol)