Rock group Yeah Yeah Yeahs post anti-cameras sign at show: censorship or common courtesy?


posted Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 3:56 PM EST

The rock group Yeah Yeah Yeahs have stirred up an Internet kerfuffle today after posting the following sign at a concert at Webster Hall in New York City last night.


Opinions are divided on the sign and its implications, with some saying it's an attempt by the band to prevent people from taking photos at their shows -- censorship! -- while others arguing it's merely a suggestion so as not to ruin the concert-going experience for others in the audience.

And, in truth, it's not really an anti-photography sign but more of an anti-LCD screen message for people trying to record the show with their smart phone or cameras, which can be distracting to anyone standing behind them. (We doubt the band would object to an audience member inconspicuously snapping a picture with their camera while looking through the optical viewfinder or small EVF.)

According to Spin, which tweeted a picture of the sign, fan reaction has been "massive and overwhelmingly in support of the band's request." The magazine added that many readers have responded by saying they wished other venues would "enforce this rule on a regular basis."

We're curious, however, how Imaging Resource readers feel about the sign? Is it just a just a common courtesy message or the first step on the slippery slope to a world where we're not allowed to take photos of our favorite bands and share them on Facebook in an attempt to make our friends jealous?

(Via Spin)