Nikon denies Ashton Kutcher is out as celebrity spokesperson


posted Monday, April 15, 2013 at 9:38 AM EST


Movie and TV star Ashton Kutcher has been the familiar face of Nikon cameras for 4 years now and despite reports to the contrary, he's still the company's spokesperson in print ads and television commercials, Nikon told Imaging Resource in a statement.

"Ashton Kutcher remains a key part of Nikon's advertising campaign and we have no changes to announce with regards to our relationship with him," a Nikon USA spokesperson wrote IR in an email.

The statement from Nikon comes on the heels of a report last Friday from celebrity gossip columnist Mike Walker in the National Enquirer, which said Kutcher had been "dumped" from his job as spokesperson after demanding Nikon double his multimillion dollar salary during negotiations to renew his contract.

"Infuriated by his hoggish arrogance, Nikon didn't even try to renegotiate, and is searching for a hunky -- and cheaper -- unknown to replace the 'Two and a Half Men' star," Walker wrote with typical hyperbole.

The Enquirer story was picked up by Nikon Rumors and other outlets. While Nikon's statement to IR contradicts the Enquirer report, it does leave the door open that an annoucement about Kutcher's departure could be made later.

Kutcher began starring in commercials for Nikon back in 2009, lending his particular brand of flirty, boy-next-door goofiness to advertisements for Nikon's Coolpix and digital SLR cameras. Below is one of Kutcher's latest commercials for Nikon, which promotes the D3200.