Adobe teases “Camera Shake Reduction” tool for Photoshop


posted Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 12:43 PM EDT

The annual Adobe Max conference is set to hit LA next month and Adobe has already released a teaser for a new Photoshop feature called “Camera Shake Reduction.” This technology looks to be the fully implemented version of what we first saw in its early stages a couple of years ago at Adobe Max, which at that point was just called "image deblurring technology."

Unfortunately, the teaser video is extremely short, but it still shows off the basics. The technology seems to do what it says on the tin: i.e., it helps counteract the blur you see from camera shake. The example in the video is pretty dramatic, significantly improving and sharpening a blurred shot of flowers.

While it looks very intriguing, we're sure this Adobe technique isn't any real threat to a properly focused photograph, if the sample images from 2011 are anything to go by. But it might give you just that little bit extra sharpness to make an otherwise throwaway photo usable. We're going to have to wait for Adobe Max to see a full reckoning of it though, and hopefully it'll become another tool in a good editor's arsenal.


(via FStoppers)