Sony NEX-6 review: A near-perfect marriage of size, performance, image quality and affordability


posted Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 2:40 PM EDT

When adding up the pros and cons to the Sony NEX-6, it's pretty clear that there's a lot to love -- and not much to dislike -- about this compact system camera. The NEX-6 truly carves out its own space in Sony's CSC lineup, and even though its resolution has been scaled down to 16 megapixels (compared to the NEX-7's 24 megapixels), it still delivers image quality that rivals other APS-C cameras at a very affordable price. The NEX-6 delivers sharp, detailed photos in most shooting situations, with a strong balance of noise and detail up to ISO 1,600 and good handling of color, contrast and exposure. Print quality proved to be stellar, as well, with ISO 100 images looking great at sizes up to 24 x 36 inches.

And what's more, the NEX-6 makes a high-performing, lightweight CSC even more approachable for consumers. While it's no dumbed-down or crippled model, the NEX-6 features revamped controls and menu system that make it easier to use while also providing a raft of advanced photographic features, including a real Mode dial (with PASM), focus peaking and more. The camera's built-in flash and Multi Interface Shoe gives it added flexibility, as does the new, compact 16-50mm kit lens which almost makes the camera pocketable.

Unfortunately no camera is perfect, and we had our share of quibbles with the NEX-6 -- most notably the hype surrounding Sony's "Fast Hybrid AF" system and the lack of a few key features. You'll have to read our in-depth Sony NEX-6 review to decide for yourself if the camera is the right one for you.

Check out the Sony NEX-6 review for our final conclusion on the camera, including IR test results and real-life image samples.