The Camera Bag: An incredible Nikon F made from cardboard


posted Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 1:46 PM EDT


Just weeks after we saw that very cool Lego Nikon F, comes a perfect companion piece: one made entirely out of cardboard. The Cardboard Camera is being sold on Etsy by the immensely talented Marta Crass of C is for Cardboard, who made this super-impressive reconstruction.

Available for $150, the Cardboard Camera is an entirely hand-cut recreation of the iconic Nikon F SLR camera. Crass describes the project the following way:

"This handmade, hand-cut camera is approx 6.5" L x 4.5" H. It was lovingly crafted from 3/16" cardboard made from 40% recycled material. It is styled after my grandfather's 1960's era Nikon."

It's kind of funny to think that a cardboard Nikon F goes for around as much as the real thing, but this was clearly a labor of love, mimicking the stylings of the original as much as possible. There are so many fantastic little details, like the fact the lens has an iris; the Nikon logo is carved into the cardboard; and there's even the camera's unusual Photomic meter.






(via Photojojo)