BANG! Panasonic debuts ten eyecatching designs for the Lumix XS1 compact camera


posted Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 10:27 PM EST

Do you like your camera to boldly proclaim your identity? Should it serve not just as a tool for recording your memories, but also as a conversation piece? (Or perhaps you're just worried that if it doesn't look radically different, you'll pick up the wrong dull-as-dishwater silver box and leave your own camera behind at a party or family gathering.)

Either way, Panasonic is here to help, launching ten new variants of the Lumix XS1 digital camera with patterns and color schemes ranging from relatively subtle to extremely loud. Suffice to say, you're not too likely to bump into another camera quite like these any time soon, and you can't fail to attract attention when your banana-yellow camera shouts "BANG!" in bright-red inch-tall letters on its front deck.

What do you think -- should a compact camera show some style, or are you a fan of the traditional? Discuss in the comments at the bottom of the page, and get a look at the designs below.