Fourteen-year-old Photoshops tiny versions of himself into an incredible, oversized world


posted Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 1:21 PM EST

Photograph by "fiddle oak"

Zev is a 14-year old photographer who goes by the handle "fiddle oak" on Flickr and his WordPress blog, and his images have wowed us. What sets them apart from your typical teenager taking selfies is that this teen has used some serious Photoshop skills to insert a tiny version of himself into a fantastical, oversized world -- much like the characters of beloved children's stories such as Thumbelina and The Borrowers.

While some of his photography is a bit more traditional, his "little folk" series is delightful and whimsical. As Zev described the series:

we are the little folk. we ride acorns down from the trees and run from the rain with feet that are sweeter than the wild blueberries that grow on the cliffs. maybe you've heard us singing, when icicles melt and splash into the roots of the trees, that squirm with life in the frozen ground like unborn snakes in the shadows. maybe you've felt our breath and then told yourself that you didn't. maybe you've seen our fingerprints on glassy water. maybe you have looked for us deep into the night, not knowing that we reside on the surface.

Zev combines his Photoshop expertise with images he's taken with his Nikon D7000 (and other cameras) over the past few years that demonstrate an absurdly small depth of field, introducing himself (and sometimes his family and friends) into a little world of his own photographic imagination. While the effects he employs aren't always flawless, his images show an immense amount of promise for such a young artist.

Photograph by "fiddle oak"

(via MyModernMet)