The Camera Bag: A clever Lego Polaroid camera that dispenses a little Lego photo


posted Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 3:40 PM EST


We've seen a few Lego cameras in the last couple of weeks, but this one might have them all beat. Why? Because it's actually capable of popping out a cute little Lego Polaroid image. Crafted by Chris McVeigh, this Lego take on a Polaroid Land Camera 1000 isn't only adorable and tiny, but there's a small print that can pop out of the front of the camera (which you can see in action here).

It's not clear how McVeigh made the camera do this. We guess there's just a slot at the back for pushing the image out/pulling it in, but we're not sure. Even if it's something as simple as that, it's a very cool little trick. If you're really curious, he has the kit up for pre-order on his online store. For just $37.50, you can pick up this Lego version of an instant camera and see what makes it tick. While you're at it, you can also check out his two other Lego cameras, both Leica influenced -- though they don't do anything as cool as the Polaroid model.

Say "Lego cheese"

(via Gizmodo)