Feel good Friday: Russian dash cams capture tender acts of human kindness


posted Friday, May 3, 2013 at 3:59 PM EST


We've shared footage before from car dashboard cameras in Russia that have captured catastrophic events such as meteor explosions, so it's nice to be able to post some positive video this time. In the stirring compilation of clips from Russian dash cams below, we see various acts of human kindness, including people helping other people (and animals) out of potentially dangerous situations.

For instance, there's quite a bit of footage of big, burly guys helping old ladies across streets; drivers helping pull cars out of snowbanks; and one segment where a police officer safely guides a family of ducks across a busy street.

The Russian description of the video loosely translates to: "Any action can be the most gracious, if there's no-self interest. Do the good deeds."

If you're wondering why so many Russians have dashboard cameras (approximately one million motorists, by some estimates), it's to protect them against police corruption, according to Mashable.

As we said, it's nice that the below video captures something far different from that.

(Via Kottke and Viral Viral Videos)