Adobe unveils two digital drawing tools for tablets: “Mighty” pen and “Napoleon” ruler


posted Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 12:50 PM EST


Somewhat overshadowed amongst yesterday's announcement of the Adobe Creative Cloud overhaul came another intriguing piece of news: Adobe's getting into the hardware business. The company officially announced Projects Mighty and Napolean, two tablet-based, cloud-enabled drawing utensils.

The primary new tool from Adobe is Project Mighty, a Bluetooth connected, pressure sensitive drawing tool for tablets. This stylus connects to your device via Bluetooth LE, and uses a pressure sensor for variable line weight, with your fingers controlling secondary functions. Project Mighty carries onboard memory and is tied to a cloud account, allowing you to carry your pen settings and saved objects between various tablets and phones.

Project Napoleon is a companion tool to the Mighty, a digital ruler that allows you to precisely control the line markings made with the pen. You set it to a variety of shapes or lines, like straight lines, curves, a vanishing point, or squares, and the Mighty will automatically conform to those settings. Named Napoleon because it's a "short ruler" (hardee har har!), it borrows from the toolkits of architects, draftsmen, and designers who often require precisely controlled lines.

You can see both objects demoed in the video below from Adobe, or read more about them here. Unfortunately, no word on when these will debut, or how much they'll go for. Hopefully by the time Project Mighty launches, Adobe has managed to do away with the rather substantial drawing lag that the demo shows.


(via Engadget)