Samsung Galaxy Camera review: Which digicam will triumph in the battle of the Androids?


posted Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 2:49 PM EDT

Just days after Nikon announced the first mainstream Android camera, Samsung responded with its Samsung Galaxy Camera -- and Android fans found themselves with ringside seats to an epic battle. In one corner, a company with one of the most recognized brands in imaging. In the other, a consumer electronics giant with a long history in smart devices. The two cameras themselves trod equally different paths. Nikon aimed for small, conservative, and camera-like. For its part, Samsung essentially cross-bred the heart of a smartphone with the body and soul of a standalone long-zoom digital camera.

Both cameras, clearly, involved some compromises aimed at integrating both a camera and a computer in a single device. We've been fortunate to have reviewed them side by side, giving us a unique chance to compare and contrast, and to decide which company's engineers made the better compromises overall.

Will Nikon hit a home run at first bat, or can Samsung's lengthy experience with Android give it the edge? Read our Samsung Galaxy Camera review, and find out! (And if you've not already done so, read our Nikon S800c review, as well!)