Parody video spoofs new features in Adobe’s controversial Photoshop CC


posted Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 6:01 PM EDT


Adobe's switch to a subscription-only model for its new CC imaging and design software package, which includes Photoshop CC, isn't the only thing that sparked controversy this week. Some photographers feel that a few of the features in this latest version of Photoshop aren't really that impressive, especially considering that you'll now have to "rent" the program for a monthly fee.

One such frustrated Photoshop user is Ryan Chartrand, who created a parody video spoofing some of those new features -- rounded corners, anyone? -- and a few that aren't even in the program, including "drag-and-drop lens flares."

After you watch Chartrand's video below, check out the original Photoshop CC video that inspired it here and tell us in the comments if you think he has a point.

(Via PetaPixel)