Ansel Adams video interview from 1971 shows master photographer discussing work with Group f/64


posted Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 6:00 PM EDT


We've shared videos of master photographer Ansel Adams discussing photography in the past but those black-and-white clips have always felt stagey and scripted. Now, photography site ISO 1200 has stumbled upon a more informal, color interview with Adams from 1971 and it's fascinating to see the legend discuss photography in a modern setting.

The four-minute clip, which you can watch by clicking here (Vimeo Plus restrictions prevent us from embedding it in this post), is taken from a longer interview with Adams conducted by Steve James of the Eikon Gallery in Monterey, CA as part of the Conversations with the Master Series.

In the interview, which first aired in 1971, Adams discusses his work with Group f/64, a collective of seven San Francisco photographers that included Edward Weston, Willard Van Dyke, and Imogen Cunningham. He also talks about moving into teaching and the development of his famous Zone System for producing optimal film exposure.

(Via ISO 1200)