Zachary Rose’s Petheadz Instagram photo mashups combine pets and their owners in a wonderful way


posted Friday, May 17, 2013 at 8:54 AM EST


Photographer Zach Rose of Driftwood Photography has made his Instagram account massively popular by putting a unique spin on photographs of pets and their owners. Rather than just snapping a cute shot of someone holding their cat, Rose instead uses an innovative combination of forced perspective and multiple devices to transpose an in-camera shot of the critter over the face of the owner.

Dubbing his project Petheadz, he takes a headshot of the pet, and then carefully places the camera — still showing the image on playback — so that it looks like the owner's head is replaced by the animals. By sticking with the same background, and using objects for continuity between the two settings, the images that result are quirky and delightful.

While we can only imagine it takes a bit of juggling to hold a smartphone with one hand, a DSLR with the other, and get the alignment right, the images he makes are well worth the effort, and have garnered him a large Instagram following, and even a post on the official Instagram blog.

It's not hard to see why people like these photos so much. If you're feeling like a fun project over the weekend, you could try and make your own — as long as you can get your cat to stay still for long enough to snap a photo.

(All images used with permission of the photographer.)

(via Photojojo)