Harrowing, inside-the-jaws footage shows Grizzly bear eating GoPro camera


posted Monday, May 20, 2013 at 10:46 AM EST


What is it about GoPro cameras that make them so appetizing to wild animals? In February, we showed you this crazy clip of a lion munching on a GoPro mounted on a miniature robotic tank.

Now, here's a Grizzly trying to make a snack out of naturalist and wildlife documentarian Brad Josephs' GoPro, which he had set up on the Alaska Peninsula to get footage for the BBC's Great Bear Stakeout.

"I had a young bear actually chew on the camera," Josephs says about the below clip. "Amazingly there was no damage to the camera!"

The fun begins at the 46-second mark of the video, when this beautiful bear opens wide to reveal its incredible jaws of death. (Unfortunately, there's no audio at that stage of the clip but it's easy to let your imagination run wild.)

(Via PetaPixel and Bit Rebels)