Dangling an Infra Red 5K camera from a rope: An Epic video from Vincent Laforet with a MoVi


posted Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 2:02 PM EST


There have been some pretty sick shots captured with Freefly Systems' MōVI camera stabilizer since it launched last month but here are a couple that nearly got away. In the below video from cinematographer Vincent Laforet, which was captured with a Red Epic "Infra Red" camera attached to a MōVI, you'll see two impressively stable shots meant for the original test reel that never made it in.

The first one, which starts at the 2:45-minute mark in the video, is a long tracking shot captured at 48 frames per second at 5K with a Red Epic with its IR filter removed, producing an otherworldly infrared look in the footage. (No, you're not hallucinating: the model's hair appears to be blue and the trees have become snowy white.) The MōVi-assisted tracking shot is rock steady and no post-stabilization correction has been used in the clip.

The second infrared shot, which starts at the 4:42-mark, is even more impressive and involves the Red Epic Infra Red being dropped off a balcony by a rope, while still being stabilized by the gyro-based MōVI gimbal device.

The test video was captured in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, CA using the MōVI M10 and the RED Epic Infra Red body. According to Laforet, no post-stabilization was performed on the resulting shots: "What you are seeing is straight out of the camera."

A Canon 24mm T1.3 Prime lens was used with an IR filter, along with several Zeiss CP.2 lenses.

(Via Vincent Laforet)