Parody video pokes fun at the upcoming rise of the Google Glass photographer


posted Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 5:06 PM EDT

Ever since Google introduced its Project Glass project last year, privacy advocates have been up in arms. Some have predicted that the wearable computer -- which features a small built-in camera that can be activated simply by winking -- is the beginning of the end for any hope of privacy we might have beyond our doorstep. A future not unlike that in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four is on the way, they suggest, with barely-noticeable cameras tracking and reporting upon your every move and action. 

The truth revealed in the the head-mounted Google Glass display is rather more prosaic. If we're honest, Glass-wearers look more than a little bit silly -- a fact Google tacitly acknowledged when not one single speaker in the keynote at its recent IO conference was sporting the device. Perhaps a future generation of Glass might reach the point where it could slip by relatively unnoticed, but we're not there yet.

Not only do you call attention to yourself by wearing the attention-grabbing, asymetrically-styled Glass, chances are you'll stand out even more when you're actually using it. You may get some odd glances not only because you keep pointedly staring above and to one side of your friends as you read from Glass' tiny screen, but also when you're trying to frame an image just so, or to find a better angle on your subject. It seems likely to make the upcoming wave -- or perhaps, ripple -- of Google Glass photographers very noticeable indeed, the exact opposite of all those dystopian predictions.

Acknowledging that reality, a new viral video from online learning site Grovo pokes a little harmless fun at Google Glass photographers who'll be documenting their lives and the world around them with a wink and a tilt of the head. 

A vision of the future? Google Glass photographers, parodied by online learning site Grovo.

What do you think -- does Google Glass still represent a privacy nightmare in the making, or will it simply make those wearing it stand out all the more? Discuss in the comments below... (And if you like this video, you'll probably get a kick out of another we reported on last year, showing another take on the future of Glass. Yes, we know, Google has forbidden developers from inserting ads on Glass, but they've not yet pledged an ad-free future for their own Glass creations.)