posted Friday, May 31, 2013 at 1:57 PM EDT

Over the last few months, Fujifilm has been putting an impressive effort into ensuring third-party developers' algorithms were optimized for its X-Trans sensor format, answering the concerns of its users that third-party apps offered inadequate image quality with X-Trans raw data. Today, Fuji adds another developer to the list, after first working with Adobe and Apple.

Japan's Ichikawa Soft Laboratory is the creator of the Silkypix raw developer that's been bundled with many digital cameras over the years, from the likes of Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung, and indeed Fujifilm itself. Ichikawa has just released version 5.0.39 of Silkypix Developer Studio Pro5, and among the changes made is improved X-Trans demosaicing support. The company promises high resolution paired with better moiré pattern reduction, as well as improved color reproduction under less typical illumination.

SilkyPix Developer Studio Pro 5.0.39 has, according to Fujifilm, been made with the latter's involvement. The only other change noted by Ichikawa is addition of support for the new Ricoh GR fixed-lens, large-sensor compact camera.

More details and the download can be found on the Ichikawa Soft Laboratory website.