Canon Crafting Corner encourages you to take photos off the screen, make them tactile


posted Friday, May 31, 2013 at 10:21 PM EST

It's a bit of an open secret: printer manufacturers and online photofinishers love scrapbookers. In an age where many of us print few if any of our photos, simply viewing them on our high-def TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones, the scrapbooking community is still out there printing away, and creating very tactile ways to share their memories, As the bewildering array of scrapbooking tools and accessories nicely demonstrates, scrapbookers aren't afraid to spend a bit of money to get the results they're after, either.

Not surprisingly, Canon, whose product line includes cameras, scanners, printers, and consumables -- all products the self-respecting scrapbooker needs -- is keen to build on awareness of its brand and products with the scrapbooking community and would-be scrapbookers alike. To help in that effort, the company has signed a deal with lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess to create the Canon Crafting Corner, a section of its website devoted to the needs of scrapbookers.

Canon is cooperating with lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess to reach out to scrapbookers.

What can you find on the Canon Crafting Corner? As well as the obvious links with information on how Canon's products can help in your scrapbooking endeavors, there's also plenty of information on how to improve your photos and prints, guides on getting the most from Canon's My Image Garden software, greeting card templates, ideas for new ways in which you can use your photos, and more. If you're keen to get your photos off the screen and really experience them, the site looks to be well worth a visit.

Visit the Canon Crafting Corner for more.

(via PMA Newsline)

Canon Crafting Corner offers tips and ideas on new ways to get the most from your images.