Consumer photo app ACDSee gets friendly locations, simulated tilt-shift and lens blur


posted Friday, May 31, 2013 at 9:34 PM EST

Consumer photographers looking for a new tool to organize, edit, and share their photos have a new option today, with the release of an updated version of Canadian software company ACD Systems' popular ACDSee photo app on the Windows platform. ACDSee 16 builds on its predecessor  with helpful new tools across the board, from import to sharing.

Starting at import, ACDSee 16 now provides reverse geocoding functionality, allowing the app to supplement the cryptic latitude and longitude captured by your camera into meaningful locations such as city names. A new info palette helps you view details about your images. Once your photos are imported and organized, there are several new editing tools to choose from. You can apply a pseudo tilt-shift effect or simulate lens blur with a variety of aperture shapes, and there's also a new gradient tool. Finally, there's a new Facebook uploader tool that helps you get your images -- tweaked or fresh out of the camera -- onto the popular social network for friends, family, and colleagues to see.

ACDSee 16 is available immediately, priced at US$50, an introductory discount of US$20 (29%) over the standard list price of US$70. Existing customers can upgrade from US$30. Unlimited online storage is available, priced at US$40 annually, and if you want to ensure availability of the app to reinstall in the future, you can purchase a physical CD for US$10, or a download protection service for US$7.

More details on the ACD Systems website.