Stephen Colbert mocks Chicago Sun-Times photojournalist firings (VIDEO)


posted Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 10:58 AM EST


Last week, the Chicago Sun-Times made national headlines for laying off its entire photography staff, and moving to relying on freelancers, while teaching its reporters "iPhone photography basics." All of which has made the newspaper a perfect target for America's favorite satirist, Stephen Colbert.

During last night's Colbert Report on Comedy Central, Colbert took took the paper to task for its assumption that trained photographers can be replaced by a journalist with an iPhone, saying:

"But the paper will continue to have great photojournalism, because reporters are now required to learn iPhone photography basics. But only the basics, like pressing the button. If the Sun-Times is still around in a week, the reporters can move on to the advanced stuff, like using a flash, and asking flood victims to say cheese."

Meanwhile, one of the photographers replaced with an iPhone has started a new blog chronicling his new life using an iPhone of his own. So while the Chicago Sun-Times front page might not look quite as bad as this, you do have to wonder if an iPhone photograph is good enough to be before the fold.

(Via Poynter)