The Camera Bag: Bonzart Ampel camera brings tilt-shift photo skills to twin-lens reflex


posted Monday, June 17, 2013 at 1:53 PM EDT


Tilt-shift photography is pretty popular right now, mostly because it's very easy to fake with some artful blurring through Instagram (or just about any other app). If you want the real deal, however, you'll generally have to buy an expensive tilt-shift lens. Now there's a swell alternative. The Bonzart Ample camera not only features real tilt-shift photo skills, it has a classic, twin-lens form factor that reminds us of our favorite TLRs.

The Bonzart Ample is a two-lens digital camera, with one lens functioning like a normal piece of glass, capturing either 4:3 or square format images. The other is a tilt-shift, for all your faux-miniaturization needs. There are built-in filter effects, the ability to shoot 720p video, and it even has a flip-up top to view the LCD. And, in keeping with the TLR styles of the Bonzart Ample, you can control it through dials on the sides of the body.

You can see some hands-on action with the Bonzart Ample through DCWatch (in Japanese), or SlashGear. But if you want to get your own, it seems that AC Gear is the place to pick one up — if you don't mind the $180 pricetag.

(via PetaPixel)