Watch this crazy guy dangle from a crane in point-of-view footage shot with a GoPro


posted Monday, June 17, 2013 at 4:11 PM EST


We've seen some wild footage shot with GoPro cameras in crazy locations -- such as in the mouth of a bear, in the mouth of a lion, or alongside a great white shark -- but this clip might take the cake.

First off, don't try this yourself! Please, please, please, don't even think about it. What James Kingston does while climbing a massive crane in Southampton, UK should not be attempted by anybody (and probably should not have been attempted by Kingston himself.)

After scaling the crane, Kingston dangles off it, holding on by two hands and then…gulp…by just one. It's terrifying and absolutely nuts but the video's worth a look for the vicarious thrill. According to the comments in the YouTube clip, Kingston performed the stunt three times to shoot all the GoPro footage he needed.

Pretty gutsy stuff but did we mention already that you shouldn't try this yourself?

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