Adobe Photoshop CC now available for download


posted Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 9:10 AM EST


A little more than a month after unveiling its new subscription-based Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) to much fanfare (and much controversy), Adobe has announced that users can now download the software.

While Adobe's latest image editing app contains several key upgrades -- including Camera Shake Reduction, revamped Smart Sharpen features, and new Camera Raw 8 -- some photographers have taken umbrage with the subscription-only model for Photoshop CC. The company has since addressed some of the concerns over Creative Cloud but says it won't back down on subscriptions.

To find out more about the entire suite of Creative Cloud products from Adobe, including pricing plans (which are a bit confusing), click here. To sign up for a Creative Cloud membership and download the software including Photoshop CC, click here.

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