The Camera Bag: Vintage Film Canisters poster makes us yearn for the heyday of film


posted Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 2:10 PM EDT


Film's not dead yet, but there's no denying that it's ailing. Every couple of months we hear of film manufacturers cutting back on their productions slightly, killing off more film types, and Kodak has even stopped making the acetate plastic that forms the base of the company's film.

So while plenty of us still shoot analog on occasion, the film itself is become more and more scarce, and more and more expensive. This poster by Brooklyn artist Peter Hamilton takes us back to the peak of film use, with a wonderful print showing some of this favorite 35mm film canisters from days gone by.

While some of these films are still in production (Ilford seems to still be pumping out the HP5), others are long, long gone. Ansco hasn't been making film decades, and even those films that are still around look very different to the designs on this artwork. But it's a nice way to remember the riches that film photographers used to be able to use. And for just $12, the 11x14-inch print costs about what buying and developing a roll of film sets you back.

(Via DIYPhotography)