This three-ring-binder hack is the cheapest, easiest DIY light tent we’ve ever seen


posted Friday, June 21, 2013 at 8:46 AM EDT


Building your own light tent isn't hard, it's a pretty frequent DIY project for a fledgling photographer -- and while they're not expensive to buy, it's nice to have something that you put together with your own two hands. But a new tutorial from DigitalCameraWorld deserves some notice for being quite possibly the easiest, most affordable method of building one that we've ever seen.

The method is simple. All it takes is a trio of semi-opaque three-ring binders, taped together with duct tape, to create four sides of a box. You just place this around whatever it is you're hoping to shoot, and get some nice diffuse light.

Requiring just two components (binders, tape), and a pair of scissors, all you need is stuff that you can find at any stationary shop or big box store for only a few bucks. So, with just a quick visit to the store, and five minutes of crafting, you have yourself a basic, functional light tent. Sure, it might not do quite as well as a professional one, but given how simple it is to craft, it's something that will work when you're in a pinch.