Get a selfie photo on top of your next latte with this unique foam printer


posted Monday, June 24, 2013 at 5:30 PM EDT


If you've spent any time on Instagram you've probably seen them before -- dreamy shots of someone's coffee drink with the foam whipped up into an artistic design. A bit passé, at this point, right? A Taiwanese coffee chain seems to think the trend needs some updating, which is why they've installed special foam printers which produce unique, self-portraits on top of your latte.

The foam art printers, which are being used at the Let's Cafe coffee kiosks within Taiwan's Family Mart stores, create the portraits from an image the user uploads from a mobile device. The photos are printed as edible powder on top of the foam so they last only for a few moments. But that shouldn't stop you from snapping a photo of your foam coffee portrait and social sharing it for posterity!


No word yet on when/if these innovative coffee foam printers are coming to the United States but we hope soon. Our Instagram feed has been getting a little dull lately. Check out a video below explaining how the printers work.

(Via My Modern Met)