This bullet time footage of fireworks was captured with a GoPro strapped to a fan


posted Friday, July 5, 2013 at 2:56 PM EDT


Even if you're sick of photos of fireworks at this point -- and after yesterday's Fourth of July festivities, we are -- you might dig this unique take on one of America's favorite past-times. Jeremiah Warren created the below Matrix-style, "bullet time" footage of fireworks being launched in his backyard by strapping a GoPro camera onto a regular old ceiling fan.

The simple set-up cost him around $80 to create, excluding the cost of the GoPro camera, and took no time to put together. While the final effect is a bit crude -- it's not up to the standards of the Matrix, in that it doesn't fully rotate around a single rocket being set off -- it sure beats all those blurry shots of fireworks we saw on Instagram yesterday.

Check out the footage below and under that, see a behind-the-scenes video on how Warren created his DIY bullet time rig. If you like the effect, you should also check out this more sophisticated bullet time set-up we reported on last month, which syncs together nine cameras to capture multi-viewpoint footage of sports for televison.

(Via Gawker and Pop Photo)