Just how good is Adobe Photoshop CC’s Shake Reduction? (VIDEO)


posted Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 2:21 PM EDT


One of the big new feature's in Adobe's contentious Photoshop CC is Camera Shake Reduction, a new tool that should help counteract in-camera blur. But short of shelling out for an official Adobe subscription, most of us aren't going to get a chance to play with it, so we're quite curious as to how well it really works. Over at ExtremeTech, Sebastian Anthony has taken Camera Shake Reduction for a spin, and shows where the much-hyped feature works, and where it doesn't.

The algorithm for Camera Shake Reduction appears to be based on detecting edges, and calculating the way the camera shook based on that edge. However, as with all of Photoshop's tools (especially the more advanced ones), the results can be mixed. After watching the video below, we noticed that images with strong differentiation between the foreground and background seemed to do slightly better, while the tool doesn't seem to be able to account for extreme wobbliness. You can watch Adobe's description of what it's supposed to do here.

I'm sure that with a light touch, this will be an excellent tool for tweaking minor blurs to make your image a bit sharper; or even for extracting useful information, like readable text, from a photo that might otherwise be unintelligible. But don't expect this thing to turn your 1/5s portrait photo into an image worth printing.

For any of our readers that have an Adobe CC subscription, what do you think of Camera Shake Reduction? Does it work for you?

(via Reddit)