Fujifilm opens Filipino optics factory producing camera lenses and more


posted Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 5:49 PM EST

Could your next Fujifilm lens come from the Philippines? If it's manufactured from today onwards, the answer to that question could well be yes. Fuji may be a Japanese company, but like most major corporations these days, much of its manufacturing capability is to be found outside of its home country, and it's just inaugurated a new facility turning out optics including lenses for digital cameras.

Late last year, Fuji announced that it was to open the new factory, just outside of the Philippine capital of Manila, on the northernmost island group of Luzon. Today, that factory has entered full-scale production, turning out a variety of optical products. The company doesn't go so far as to specify whether the photographic lenses are for fixed or interchangeable-lens cameras, but does describe the lenses as being "high performance" types.

Fuji's new factory in the Philippines makes optics including lenses for digital cameras.

The new factory is located on Prosperity Avenue in the Carmelray Industrial Park 1, a large industrial estate in Calamba City's Carmeltown development. Other high-tech businesses in the same estate include chemical company BASF and Toshiba's storage devices division.